Cheryl Toal

Primary Teacher

Greenhill Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact Will Self-Assessment Checklists Have In My Classroom?


This enquiry seeks to investigate what impact, if any, self-assessment checklists have within the classroom. Self-assessment checklists are a form of formative assessment. Formative assessments are any form of assessment in which the evidence is used to adapt teaching in order to meet the learner’s needs. There is a vast amount of evidence which suggests that formative assessment raises standards in pupil work (Black and Wiliam, 1998). Self-assessments are essential to learning as pupils can only achieve a learning goal if they themselves understand that goal and can assess what they need to do in order to achieve this target (Sadler, 1989). I decided to enquire into this issue as I felt that the children within my class were not paying enough attention to their literacy core targets and so I wanted to enquire into whether self-assessment checklists would encourage the children to proof read and self correct their work against the checklist criteria. This should have also provided the children with the opportunity to fully understand their goals to focus on during the next literacy task and take a more proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to their own learning (Nicol and Dick, 2006). 


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate whether implementing self-assessment checklists into the classroom would have an impact on the pupils within my class achieving the North Lanarkshire literacy core targets.

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