Chloe Flanighan

Primary Teacher

Chapelside Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Do live sessions during online learning promote pupil engagement?


This particular area of research has been chosen as it is of utmost relevance and importance to education due to the current pandemic crisis. There has been a monumental increase in the use of digital tools for learning, and during lockdown has been the sole method of delivering primary education for most pupils. This particular area of live sessions is of interest as it has been a new learning experience for most teachers and pupils and is noteworthy to explore the effect these sessions have on engagement and learning. The contents of this enquiry are directly linked to current national education issues brought about by Covid-19. Enhancing Learning and Teaching through the use of Digital Technology states its action for education is to take advantage of digital opportunities to transform delivery of education in schools, which relevance is of great importance now more than ever (, 2016). This is highlighted in the article government ‘Global responses to education recovery during Covid-19’ which entails numerous educational challenges currently faced, including the approach to digital learning during school closures (Doucet, Netolicky, Timmers and Tuscano, 2021) (, 2021). Teachers and pupils nationwide are directly affected by this, due to the current period of digital learning from home brought about by school closures. In discussing pupil interest within digital learning, it is apparent the relevance digital tools, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, have to young people and children. A recent study researching the use of technology among children, the article ‘What Do We Know About Children and Technology?’ (2019) showed that within the ages of 5 and 7, 42% have their own tablet, 67% go online for an average of 9 hours per week and 63% play video games for an average of 7 hours per week. This would suggest that digital tools are of interest to a high number of children. 


The aim of this study was to recognise the effect live sessions have on the overall engagement of digital learning for that day. The aspects of live sessions, such as interaction and support from the teacher and real-time feedback have been explored in this study in relation to the impact it has on digital learning engagement.

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