Chloe Morrison

Primary Teacher

Abronhill Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What is the impact on teaching and learning when children use an exit pass?


The purpose of this Practitioner Enquiry was to stimulate discussion on the impact of exit passes on teaching and learning. Assessment is a major part of education and is carried out before, during and after all teaching. Teachers use this constant assessment in order to plan effective learning, as they take into account each individual’s next steps. A wide range of assessment strategies are used daily by teachers as they assess through both formative and summative assessment. Formative assessment is an important aspect of teachers’ classroom practice and can improve the progression of learners (Black & William, 2012). The exit pass is a formative assessment tool that enables teachers to assess how well pupils understand the content they are learning (Marzano, 2012). Therefore, it is a frequent tool embedded by many teachers on a daily basis and is the focus of this research.


As exit passes are not viewed as a formal assessment tool by majority of pupils, it was interesting to investigate if it made any difference to teaching and learning. With this, the aim of the research was to discover the impact of exit passes on teaching and learning and the results from this impact. It was unclear if this specific assessment tool would effect both the teacher and learner directly or if it would effect only one of them. It was also an option that the exit pass may not impact either and would consequently not have an effect on the teaching and learning.

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