Christina Conahan

Primary Teacher

Bargeddie Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Regular Check-ins on Pupil Attainment of Predetermined Success Criteria


Providing clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are fundamental to successful learning and teaching within the classroom. Assessment is recognised in education as a major factor for raising standards and achievement in children’s learning (Black and William, 1998). In Building the Curriculum 5 (Scottish Government, 2011) the document highlights the importance of allowing children to become responsible for their own learning. This document also discusses the importance of teachers sharing Learning Intentions and Success Criteria to promote a greater depth of learning. Assessment within the classroom has been well documented and Wiliam & Black (1998) found that a focus on Assessment for Learning, rather than Assessment of Learning increased students’ performance. Wiliam et al (2003) also further support these findings by showing that children’s results dramatically improve when there is regular use of self and peer assessment.


The aim of this enquiry is to assess the impact of self-assessment checkpoints of pre – determined Success Criteria on achievement in a primary classroom.

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