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Chryston High

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Using Mindful Pausing in the Classroom (Group 1G)


Secondary education in Scotland is a busy, face paced environment which is continually on the move during the school day. North Lanarkshire offer 33 periods in a week where pupils are navigating through school, changing subjects several times in the day all the while being expected to enter a new classroom setting, with a different class mixes and immediately settle to begin a lesson with full focus on both teacher and subject. While this expectation of students is known by the school cohort it is still a challenge for many students not only understand but also to engage in its effective practice

(Ross Bernay, 2016, p. 12) indicates that Mindful Pausing in the classroom can create ‘improvements in students’ well-being and promoted more mindful behaviour’. This is a significant claim that could produce dramatic changes in student productivity in their learning environment. This consideration was tackled by (Lawlor, 2010, p. 12) and determined the through mindfulness ‘students were able to focus and pay attention to their academic lessons more easily’.

In reference to these results of study it is worthwhile to consider the proposal of the effects of student productivity after the utilising the strategy of Mindful Pausing in the classroom.

The purpose of this enquiry is to look at utilizing a mindful pause exercise at the beginning of the class to counteract scenarios such as chatty disruption and increase student productivity. Additionally to this, a consideration towards breathing exercise was employed because (Niemiec, 2016) reports that breathing exercises ‘allow you to slow down, take an inventory of your emotions, and reconnect with your strengths’. For pupils to notice a distinct moment in the lesson for them to stop what they are doing, be made more aware of themselves and their surroundings and to hopefully pause for a moment to enable learners to become more focussed and therefore equipped to begin their lessons ready and fully prepared.

This study will focus on the Technical subject in a Secondary setting.


The aim of this Practitioner Enquiry was to understand the effects of introducing Mindful Pausing in the classroom. The purpose of which was to determine any or all marked improvement on student focus and productivity in class.

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