Claire McCrum

Religious Education

St Aidan's High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using the Kahoot! Platform to encourage pupil engagement during the period of online learning


The rationale behind my enquiry is to consider how engagement could be strengthened through incorporating game-based learning strategies into online lessons during the period of digital learning. Game based learning platforms are now very popular within schools and are used as an ‘Educational technology in schools and other educational institutions’ to promote engagement within lessons (Kahoot, 2021). As part of my school’s ‘School Improvement Plan’, digital learning is a main priority for 2020-21 with a focus on Improving the effectiveness of digital learning for staff and pupils across the school, by increased levels of pupil engagement with digital learning. One of the reasons behind this focus is due to engagement being below expectations from March through to June 2020, during the first national lockdown. As a result, from August 2020, preparations have been taking place within schools, in line with the National Improvement Plan and council expectations to prevent low engagement if digital learning were to continue in the new academic year. Results provided by the Parent Council and parental digital learning surveys concluded that parents were eager for pupils to engage with a variety of tasks during online learning. As pupils have lost a significant amount of in school learning, this could have a damaging effect on some pupils. ‘While attainment levels remain the same for many, there are some children who have been more disadvantaged than others’ (TES, 2021). Therefore, it is a priority for schools to consider how to ensure that pupils are working online and are able to access a range of online resources, which can help to support pupils and consolidate with teacher led learning when working remotely. Therefore, this enquiry will seek to consider ways to encourage all pupils to join in with online lessons and participate in various teaching strategies, such as online gaming learning strategies, which will hopefully lead to an increased online engagement during remote learning.


The main aim of this enquiry was to determine whether using the ‘Kahoot!’ platform led to an increase in pupil engagement during online lessons. I was also interested to determine if the use of quizzes, surveys and forms offered through the Kahoot! platform could lead to an increase in pupil confidence regarding the content being studied throughout lessons, as pupils could test their knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

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