Claire Torley

Primary Teacher

New Monkland Primary School

  • Transitions

What happens when music is introduced as a method of transition?


Building the Curriculum 5 (Scottish Government, 2011) highlights the importance of effective transitions, to maintain progression through the Curriculum for Excellence. The document discusses how vital transitions from stage to stage are, as well as everyday transitions in the classroom. As a small group of primary and secondary teachers we found ourselves discussing the same barriers to everyday transitions across the sectors. The most prevalent one being transitions from the playground to the classroom after lunch. This barrier is highlighted by Banerjee and Horn (2013) who state that small transitions can be problematic for some children, causing a display of behavioural challenges. In light of this, we were keen to find an aid for transition that would allow children the chance to get ready to learn in a calm and consistent way. Research suggests that music “improves and enhances communication” (Register and Humpal, 2007). This provided a clear focus for using music to aid transitions.


The aim of this research project is to explore the impact of using music as an aid to transition between lunchtime and a new lesson beginning. By undertaking this study the aim is to improve and develop a deeper knowledge of everyday transitions. Children will arrive back into class after lunchtime and get ready to learn whilst music plays in the background.

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