Clare Booth

Primary Teacher

St. Brigid's Primary

  • Growth Mindset

What Happens When we use Live Real-Time Feedback in the Classroom?


Alan McLean (The Motivated School, 2003) advises ‘immediate feedback should be given wherever possible’. However, ‘feedback needs to help students take steps to move forward in their learning’) (Heritage, 2010) for it to be effective and worthwhile. Striking the balance between both can be tricky to negotiate in a busy classroom with a variety of needs to cater for.

In this learning environment the pupils were following stage two of the local authority’s literacy-based programme. Through daily writing tasks they were learning the conventions associated with written words, for example capitals letters, full stops, correct formation of letters, adding detail and how to present their work in a legible manner.

These conventions are embedded at an early stage in their education through fun and engaging tasks with reinforcement and repetition of what is expected. Currently the children complete their task independently after direct teaching and modelling with emphasis on core targets such as capital letters, full stops and letter formation. Formal feedback is provided via a written and pictorial format that the learners reflect upon the next day to help improve future learning.

With a Scotland wide focus on raising attainment in literacy, as highlighted in the 2019 National Improvement Framework (Government, 2018), it was decided to base this enquiry on what happens when we use live real-time feedback in the classroom?


Children within this classroom setting are repeating similar errors even after reflecting on previous feedback. In order to move a student forward in their learning live real-time feedback has been introduced into the classroom.

The aim of this enquiry was to reflect upon students’ progress against their own individual learning targets when live real-time feedback is offered during literacy tasks. Specifically, feedback would be both verbal and instant.

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