Colin Cupples

Chemistry with Science

Calderhead High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What impact does shortening task length have on the level of pupil engagement during remote learning?


Engagement is fundamental to the personal development of pupils and to their learning. Encouraging pupils to engage in work can provide motivation, encourage higher order thinking within tasks and can allow for pupils to think more deeply about the key areas discussed within lessons. Pupil engagement is critical to provide opportunities for pupils to achieve (Martin & Torres, 2016). Maintaining the engagement of pupils has proven to be a particular difficulty to arise during remote learning for teachers. A study found that on average, only 42% of pupils submitted online assignments to their teacher (Lucas, Nelson and Sims, 2020). Teachers have had to implement different strategies to ensure learners engage with material and continue their development.


The aim for this practitioner enquiry was to find out the affect that changing the length of a task had on the engagement of pupils. This involved producing work of varying length and evaluating how pupils engaged with these tasks. This enquiry focused on the correlation between pupil engagement and the length of a task.

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