Craig Collin

Condorrat Primary

Condorrat Primary

  • Growth Mindset

What Happens When Mistakes are Celebrated in the Classroom?


After discussion with my enquiry group we identified a common issue across all classes, which was that it was the same children that regularly offered answers to questions during class discussions. We discussed how we could encourage more children to have the confidence to provide an answer. This led us to then talk over why children may not be willing to provide an answer and the benefits of creating a more positive environment to encourage children to offer an answer without the fear of making a mistake.

Additionally, during a discussion on New Year’s resolutions with my class in early January, a number of pupils had expressed a desire to adopt a Growth Mindset this year and be more willing to give it a go (Dweck, 2010). I considered this relevant to combine into my Practitioner Enquiry, as it would allow me to bring an aspect of Growth Mindset to life within my classroom, while trying to break down some of the negative connotations associated with making mistakes.


The initial aim of this Practitioner Enquiry is to investigate how children feel when they make a mistake in class. The enquiry will then research the effects of a shift towards celebrating mistakes and if this will allow children to feel more comfortable and confident to provide an answer.

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