Craig Heaney


Coltness High

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when we use Exit Passes in the classroom?


In this enquiry, I will discuss and analyse one of the ways in which the progression of a pupils’ learning can be assessed and supported using Formative Assessment and Assessment is for Learning pedagogical approaches. Formative Assessment is defined by Cowie & Bell (2001 p.540) as “the process used by teacher and student to recognise and respond to student learning in order to enhance the learning, during the learning”. This puts forward the idea that Formative Assessment is very much an ongoing process in the classroom but does not quite explain that it also needs to cater to every child’s different learning needs. Inside the Black box (William & Black, 2001) looks at how intense Formative Assessment, can greatly improve attainment in small groups, more specifically small groups of children with Additional Support Needs (ASN) or ‘low attaining’ children. The purpose of this research is to explore the implementation of Formative Assessment and Assessment is for Learning techniques in the Mathematics classroom. The most effective lessons tend to end with some form of activity where the pupils take time to reflect on their experience of the lesson and evaluate their learning. Exit Passes have become a common vehicle for this self-reflection process.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the impact pupil self-assessment/reflection has on pupil progress and understanding. The enquiry was focused on second year pupils in Mathematics.

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