Dale McGarrity


Dalziel High School

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when exit passes are used in the classroom?


The incorporation of formative assessment approaches into teaching pedagogy, has been profound in recent years and thus, has become embedded into an integral component in curricular development in Scottish Education. Indeed, the very inception of A Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), is intrinsically interlinked with the principles of Assessment is For Learning (AfL), underpinning the holistic outcomes of 21st century Scottish schooling. CfE acknowledges this, stating that it is a pupil’s level of engagement in learning and self-assessment that makes for a successful curriculum and if the prior is to be achieved, there must be a purposeful transition of learning power in the classroom from teacher to pupil (Building the Curriculum 2, 2007). As such, it is the intention of this professional enquiry into practice, to critically analyse the effectiveness of incorporating ‘exit-passes’ as a method of formative assessment as part of the learning process.


The aim of this project wes to evaluate the success of exit-passes as a formative assessment tool and their impact on learning and teaching in the secondary classroom setting.

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