Daniel Patrick Henderson

Biology with Science

Airdrie Academy

  • Digital Learning: Health & Wellbeing

What effect does the introduction of Praise Postcards have on the confidence of a class of S2 pupils, and on the quality and quantity of the work they produce?


Rationale behind us enquiry was initially due to responses from parental feedback questionnaires to digital learning within the school. A number of feedback responses mentioned the particular struggles that young people are facing especially around confidence in their work. It was felt that teachers should recognise the effort of students and look at strategies to reward and motivate learners. Other studies have found this would increase confidence and engagement of pupils in digital learning.

Ensuring pupils wellbeing throughout the period of remote learning was a personal priority and something I was continually aiming to promote. Providing praise opportunities would have a positive impact on student’s wellbeing and confidence. This would also continue the strong classroom ethos I aim to promote whilst students completed home learning. A teacher using positive language is proven to directly influence a pupils outlook on learning (Burnett, 1998).

This strongly linked to a number of areas of the “GTCS Standard for Registration for teachers” but particularly to 3.1.2; use of a range of communication methods, including a variety of media to promote and develop positive relationships to motivate us to stay in and try some practice with all learners. Additionally, standard 1.4 Professional commitment; Engaging with all aspects of professional practice and working collegiately with all members of our educational communities with enthusiasm, adaptability and constructive criticality.


This enquiry aimed to increase the quality and quantity of student work completed in the digital classroom. Additionally, to increase the confidence of pupils with online learning as a result of praise. This was achieved by communicating standards of work and then providing a praise card with S2 pupils whilst monitoring engagement and confidence.

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