Danielle Donnelly

Primary Teacher

St. Aloysius' Primary

  • Digital Learning: Health & Wellbeing

Using mental health check-ins to increase engagement during remote teaching


The process of carrying out the practitioner enquiry has allowed me to understand the importance and relevance behind children’s wellbeing during remote teaching. The practitioner enquiry can be used to promote positivity depending on the results, therefor, the practitioner’s research must be accurate (GTCS, online n.d). It is clear that the practitioner carrying out the practitioner enquiry must be willing to change certain aspects relating to the enquiry to better their practice (Donaldson, 2010). The focus of this practitioner enquiry is to monitor children’s engagement during online learning. This has been chosen as the enquiry due to the pandemic and children’s education moving to online. The health and well-being check-ins were selected as children’s wellbeing was at the centre of their learning during lockdown (Scottish Government, 2020). A focus on the children’s well-being was selected as ‘compared to adults, children are more vulnerable to the emotional impact of traumatic events that disrupt their daily lives’ (Bartlett, J and Thomson, D, 2020).  


The aims for this practitioner enquiry are to use a health and wellbeing check in sheet (refer to appendix 1) to see how the children are feeling during the pandemic and to use the information gathered to help support the children’s online engagement.  

Download Practitioner Enquiry