Danny Mulhern

Business Education

Our Lady's High, Cumbernauld

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Do live lessons promote pupil engagement?


With a somewhat unplanned and rapid transition into virtual learning, teaching has proved an exhausting and anxious time for educators across the nation. COVID has placed exceptional importance on teacher’s abilities to produce interactive and engaging content for students, lessons need to be as effective as possible and for students to have a high-quality learning experience. Meaningful interactions and engagement with the teacher are of predominant importance – but what works for engagement and how do teachers truly improve their student’s interest in the virtual classroom?


During this Practitioner Enquiry an investigation will take place to discover ways of enhancing the engagement of students through online sources by experimenting with alternative researched techniques to help boost student involvement in live lessons. By the end of this enquiry, I hope students’ level of engagement will improve with an increased eagerness to communicate with tutors and an enhanced willingness to attend class.

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