David Kelso

Primary Teacher

Keir Hardie Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

What happens when I use Microsoft Forms to assess learning in Numeracy?


Online learning provides the scope for a vastly different style of teaching but has the potential to reach a far wider and diverse range of students (Keengwe, J., and Kidd, T.T., 2010). During a time when online learning has become the primary vehicle for pupil engagement new ways of learning have had to be explored. The efficiency and effectiveness of this way of teaching has been somewhat explored. The nature of online learning especially when there is no face-to-face teaching is partly up to the autonomy and motivation of the student, although there are other factors including social and family issues which are outwidth the child’s control. (Liaw, Huang, & Cheng, 2007). Therefore, the need to assess the learning of the student is essential to obtain information about how to proceed with the learning.
It is the purpose of this enquiry to explore the effect of using Microsoft forms to assess numeracy within the class during a period of complete online learning. As an NQT is it pertinent to my professional development to understand the importance of assessment and how to effectively utilize assessment to inform future planning. This will ensure the pupils receive a targeted and focused form of learning. Adam and Crews (2004) state that online teaching is an effective way to engage students in their learning, I aim to explore this and investigate whether Microsoft forms can be used as a viable assessment tool, this was the chosen platform to investigate this enquiry as the children were engaging with remote learning due to the lockdown and as a school Microsoft forms was used to upload the content.


There are two aims of this enquiry:

  • Does Microsoft forms provide useful information to inform next steps?
  • Does Microsoft forms increase pupil engagement with feedback?
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