David Topping

Primary Teacher

Allanton Primary School

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What happens when I introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy to set appropriate challenge?


The ambitions of this enquiry were to test the progression of children in Literacy in the second level. My enquiry was based upon the use of Blooms Taxonomy to promote higher order thinking skills and to create an ethos of challenge to the work the children produced. The question posed was ‘What happens when I introduce Blooms Taxonomy to set appropriate challenge?’. The children were to partake in their normal literacy comprehension strategies, and then complete a ‘Progress Checker’ that had Blooms questions on it. The children had the independence to choose their own question and answer it to show their thinking. This relates to me as a class teacher, as the children in my class need to be challenged, to encourage their thinking skills as this allows them to approach problems in new and dynamic ways.


The aim of this enquiry was to promote higher order thinking skills within the children through the subject of Literacy.

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