Dawn McPake

Home Economics

St. Ambrose High

  • Cooperative Learning

What happens when roles are introduced within group work in the classroom?


There is a current major focus on the attainment challenge within education today. Our Inquiry group chose to look at more specific ways of learning and teaching that will contribute to closing the attainment gap. Having experimented with cooperative learning at beginners level throughout the probation year the group agreed that this was an area of interest to us all and one which we wanted to explore in more detail. More specifically, our chosen line of inquiry was to see if introducing group roles into co-operative learning would increase pupil engagement and participation.


The fundamental aim of this Inquiry was to see if assigning group roles has an impact on the motivation and participation of pupils in lower SIMD groups. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report (2014) calls for schools across Scotland to ‘adopt evidence based approaches in learning and teaching and support educators to measure impact’.

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