Deborah Harris

Primary Teacher

St. Mary's Primary Caldercruix

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when I introduce SMART targets to my pupils?


This particular research was chosen to develop some understanding of the impact that personal success criteria would have on the self esteem and confidence in children. North Lanarkshire’s focus on being able to ‘Raise Achievement for All’ was the overarching influence behind this research. Through observation, many children within the class displayed uncertainty when making choices in relation to setting personal, academic weekly targets. Therefore, this research aimed to encourage children to have, “determination to innovate, to make things happen, and to “think big” (NLC, 2017, online). This focus was a particular interest of the Researcher as there were already many ways to measure success academically, however proved more difficult to measure it in relation to wellbeing. There was also an interest whether this would also contribute to raising the self-esteem of learners and subsequently have an impact on attainment.


The aim of this Professional Enquiry was to discover whether the self-esteem and confidence of children was affected when they were involved in creating their own SMART target.

This will be carried out using qualitative and quantitative research methods to ensure information can be collected and collated from the responses of the children.

This approach enabled the researcher to collate information from the children through the use of a questionnaire and taking into account any variations in the responses of the children.

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