Eilidh Hart

Primary Teacher

Condorrat Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When ‘Show-Me’ Boards are Used in the Classroom?


The values that underpin the Curriculum for excellence is that all areas of children’s learning must be assessed. Assessment must be inclusive, fair and stimulating for the learner (Scottish Government 2011). It must include people from all the community and not have bias. Assessment must be meaningful to the learner and give opportunity for advancement. Formative assessment is assessment gathered from day to day practise and performance in the classroom. One of the many ways we can assess learning is through the use of show me boards. Show me boards involve all children writing an answer on personal whiteboards and displaying it for the teacher to immediately assess and provide feedback. In effect it requires all children’s engagement and participation and allows intervention in real-time when a pupil displays misunderstanding or difficulties.


The aim of this enquiry was to find out what happened when “show-me” boards were implemented in the classroom.

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