Eilidh McCabe

Primary Teacher

Wishaw Academy Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

Using Traffic Lights in the Classroom


Assessment is an integral part of learning, teaching and the curriculum. It helps teachers and learners to understand the depth and breadth of learning established in each aspect of the curriculum (Curriculum and Assessment Board, 2019). The purpose of assessment as described in Building the Curriculum 5 is to support learning and to help plan next steps for both teachers and learners (Scottish Government, 2011). This is achieved best by a combination of formative and summative assessment. Building the Curriculum 5 also highlights the importance of self-assessment as a means of enabling children to evaluate their own work and to promote greater breadth and depth in learning. It is thought that when students are responsible for monitoring and regulating their learning, then the rate at which they learn is dramatically increased (William and Thompson 2007). Therefore this enquiry seeks to explore the influence of self-assessment on pupil learning.


There were three key aims for this enquiry:

  1. To introduce traffic lights as a self-assessment method
  2. To use this self-assessment method to evaluate pupil learning
  3. To improve pupil accuracy when assessing their own work


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