Emma Baillie

Primary Teacher

Kier Hardie Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when exit passes are used in the classroom?


Assessment is for Learning highlights that learners learn best when they are fully involved in deciding what needs to be done next, and who can give them help if they need it. Exit Tickets are short, formative assessments at the end of a lesson. The material addressed on them is covered within the day’s lesson, and endeavours to encourage engagement throughout the class (Lemov, 2010). They provide children and teachers with an opportunity to evaluate the learning which has taken place. They are also useful in allowing the teacher to identify whether or not consolidation is needed or if the children can move on with their learning. In addition, they allow children to identify their next steps or areas for development as they are taking time to evaluate. Wiliam (2016) highlights that children must be provided with feedback at regular intervals to enable the highest attainment and achievement for all. Exit passes provide this opportunity as they highlight areas which children are struggling with and how feedback can be used to address these development needs.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the impact of exit tickets on how children self-assess.

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