Emma Hamilton

Primary Teacher

Greengairs Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

How Does Traffic Lighting Influence Pupil Learning?


According to the OECD, assessment within classrooms is ‘vital’ in improving pupil success, progress and achievement. Formative assessment, in the style of self-assessment, allows pupils to know exactly where they are within their learning journey, recognise where they want to be and gives them the responsibility over their own learning when planning how they are going to get there (OECD, 2019). Self-assessment also allows practitioners to identify pupil ability and confidence at a glance, allowing further plans to be made to meet the needs of individuals through differing teaching strategies and styles – ensuring they are getting it right for every child (Williams, 2014).

This practitioner enquiry investigates the use of self-assessment, in the form of traffic lights, and the influence it has on teaching and learning within the classroom. It focuses on how the pupils themselves can take ownership of their own learning by creating success criteria and assessing how well they have met it, in literacy lessons. This will hopefully highlight any gaps within the pupil’s learning that they can work on themselves – and pinpoint any areas where more teaching is required.


This enquiry aims to identify the impact of self-assessment on teaching and learning, within literacy lessons, using the traffic light strategy.

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