Emma Thomson

Primary Teacher

St Augustine's Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when we provide pupils with a peer assessment checklist?


Peer assessment methods are helpful assessment strategies as identified in Building the Curriculum 5. Bryce (2013) and Hargreaves et al (2014), agree when pupils are given a central role in learning and are trained in peer assessment they gain opportunities to have more discussion/evaluation of efforts leading to increased understandings as children use similar language. However, can children provide each other with meaningful feedback without a set assessment criteria?


The aim of this study is to explore peer assessment in terms of the quality of the feedback given and how pupils apply the feedback to their learning. This enquiry will examine if pupils are able to provide worthwhile quality feedback to each other and if this feedback assists them, to make improvements to their future learning. The effect of pupil feedback will be measured through a peer assessment checklist. ‘Quality feedback’ in terms of this investigation, illustrates pupils understanding of the learning intention and achievement of the relevant success criteria.

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