Erin Jamieson

Primary Teacher

St. Augustine's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What is the Effect of Using Traffic Lights on Pupil Learning in the Classroom?


With the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence across Scottish schools in 2010, the Scottish Government had the fundamental aim of enhancing achievement levels for all children. One such way in which this was hoped to be achieved, was through the successful application of assessment strategies within classrooms (The Scottish Government, 2011). In recent years, a particular push has been made towards the use of formative assessment. Formative assessment is a continuous process of informal assessment, used by both the teacher and the students which, consequently, can be used to adapt teaching and learning to ensure each child is being set up for success and, furthermore, to allow progression to be made more efficacious (Black and Wiliam, 1998). Formative assessment can be used in a variety of ways within a classroom setting and one particular method is self-assessment. This is a practice whereby a student reflects upon and reviews their own work and identifies and evaluates areas of strength and weakness. They then use this as a catalyst to improve upon their future work. The Scottish Government (2011) advocate the use of such practice within classrooms as they state that it allows the students to become reflective and positive contributors to their own learning.


The fundamental aim of this enquiry was to explore the use of a traffic light system as a means of self-assessment and to investigate the effect this had upon pupil learning.

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