Eve Miller

Primary Teacher

Condorrat Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Does the type of feedback given have an impact on a child’s learning?


This particular focus was chosen to better my own practice and ultimately to maximise effective progression for learners. As discussed by Sadler (1989) the main purpose of feedback is to reduce discrepancies between current understandings and performance and a goal. As a result of feedback it is believed that this will allow students to better themselves and improve learning.  

My experiences have led me to question which feedback type is most effective whilst also exploring the different impacts dependent on the feedback method. With reference to current educational issues and the drive for assessment for learning as outlined by Mittler (1973) it seemed appropriate to evaluate the importance and impact of this. As stated by Hattie (2012) gathering and assessing feedback are really the only ways teachers can know the impact of their learning, thus it seems likely that in order to improve teaching and learning, we too must consider the strategy of feedback that is being used and if this is effective. 


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the use of different types of feedback and if there are any impacts on their learning linked to the feedback type used. In addition to this, it will be interesting to identify the children’s own views on feedback and if there is any change in their progression and if this correlates with a specific type of feedback that is used. 


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