Farah Waqas

Primary Teacher

Chapelhall Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What happens to engagement in online learning when a reward system is introduced?


Education is forever evolving, however it has changed dramatically across the globe due to the current climate and online learning has become a major platform for pupils to use. Students anywhere can, theoretically, be independent to learn and interact with others via online portals. (Thurman, 2019). Research shows that students respond well to a reward system and it can be implemented in many ways, it also gives students the independence required for themselves to obtain rewards (Slavin, 1977) Therefore this enquiry explored promoting an online reward system to monitor engagement and quality of work. The online reward system aimed to encourage all pupils to take an interest in their work and stay engaged.  


The aims of this practitioner enquiry were as follows:  

  • To focus on the interaction between students and their online portal.  
  • To measure online engagement before a reward system was introduced. 
  • To measure online engagement after a rewards system was introduced.  
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