Finola Tuite

Physical Education

St Ambrose High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Does Microsoft Forms help to formatively assess pupils understanding?


Across Scottish schools the concept of formative assessment is widely discussed and adopted in hope to actively involve pupils in their learning (James, 2017). Thus, leading to deeper engagement and awareness of where they are within their educational journey. Assessment is for Learning (AifL) is an integral part of informal formative assessment, involving things like questioning techniques, feedback, alongside peer and self-assessment (Black and William, 2003).

Worrell (2016) explores the concept of formative assessment, and how it incorporates a range of tools that provide feedback to better, improve or broaden learning and achievement. Similarly, with the progress of interventions that advance pupils learning, formative assessment provides an ongoing data on the student’s existing understanding which in turn, allows the teacher to determine if the lesson needs modification to maximise more effective learning (Nicol & MacFarlane, 2006).

Due to the current climate and the status of on-line learning, the opportunity has arisen to further explore the use of digital forms for formative assessment. The reason for this focus is to assess the effectiveness of Microsoft Digital Forms on the TEAMS platform to establish its effectiveness in the current learning space, but also moving forward within the process back to face-to-face learning. The use of the Microsoft Forms programme will display learners understanding and knowledge of a block of lessons over a 4-week period.

The Scottish government’s aim to support all learners to be involved in the processes of their learning (Scottish Government, 2008), alongside the presented evidence, indicates that it was appropriate to focus this enquiry on the use of a form of exit pass using Microsoft Forms and determine how effective they are in allowing pupils to self-assess their own level of understanding.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the effects of using Microsoft Forms as a method of formatively assessing pupils understanding at the end of the lesson throughout 4 separate lessons in a secondary PE class, to allow pupils to self-assess their own learning.

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