Gary Ward


Dalziel High

  • Assessment For Learning

Modelling Success Criteria in the Classroom


As a teacher it is important to prepare children with the necessary skills needed in order to be successful. As part of delivering a series of lessons, it is key for teachers to identify or understand what the success criteria are, and how they can be used to their full potential within class. Black and William (2009) stated that pupils “depend in part on their interpretation of the task, on their perception of the criteria and targets for success, on their personal orientation towards the task, and on their view of the time constraints.” In following the high quality interactions between learners and staff lie at the heart of assessment (Scottish Government, 2011). Learning intentions and success criteria allow learners to see what success looks like. The success criteria must be transparent to learners and is understood and used most effectively by learners when they have been involved in its construction (Clarke, 2019).


The aim of this enquiry was to understand the impact on teaching and learning (specifically on work produced by pupils) when displaying success criteria in the classroom as well as how success criteria can be modelled to ensure the most effective delivery of learning and teaching.

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