Gemma Redford

Primary Teacher

Greengairs Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What is the impact on pupil participation and involvement in live lessons when using the interactive features on Microsoft Teams?


With the current global pandemic, the use of digital learning has soared. National Lockdowns have been necessary in order to stem the rise in Covid-19 cases and keep as many people as possible.  This has resulted in most pupils engaging in digital learning from home and concerns have been raised by teachers about level and quality of participation and engagement in digital learning. Considering that effective strategies to increase engagement is vital to children’s learning (Martin and Bolliger, 2018), it is important effective digital learning takes place to ensure, the attainment gap is not further increased during this period of National Lockdown.  

Digital learning does, however provide opportunities for learning Somekh (2007) identified links between improved school performance and the use of engaging digital technology. To support this, the Department for Education (DfE) provided 1.3 million laptops and tablets to disadvantaged pupils (Gov, 2021). Microsoft Teams has been widely used across the United Kingdom, for digital learning and interactive features built into Teams such as ‘Hands-Up’ and ‘Chat Box’ are increasingly used as part of live lessons. To use these features correctly, children are required to have prior knowledge on how the work and when to use them appropriately. These features provide the opportunity for pupils to engage with the teacher and their classmates, as they would do if they were in the classroom environment. They provide scope for all pupils to engage with the lesson, including pupils who were unable or unwilling to use the camera or microphone.  


This enquiry aims to:  

  • observe and record the impact of using interactive features on class participation and engagement during live lessons. 
  • observe and record the impact of using interactive features on individual participation and engagement during live lessons. 
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