Gemma Russell

Primary Teacher

Glencairn Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

The use of two stars and a wish as a Self-Assessment Strategy


Formative assessment is a crucial step in the learning process. Through discussions around pupil engagement and self-assessment, a decision was made for the focus for the enquiry, which would be to evaluate the use of 2 stars and a wish as a self-assessment strategy. Also, to evaluate if pupil’s ability to self-assess their work improved over a short period of time, when provided with child-friendly success criteria and self-assessment examples.  

Building the Curriculum 5 highlights the importance of learners being actively involved in the assessment process, and developing their confidence in their ability to evaluate their own learning, thus acquiring lifelong learning skills (The Scottish Government, 2011). It is crucial that children are provided with lots of opportunities to discuss their learning, including identifying strengths and progress, areas for development, and also in setting achievable learning goals, in order to develop effective self-assessment skills. It is paramount that teachers fulfil their responsibility in teaching pupils the necessary skills and knowledge required to be successful and confident learners. Therefore, by teaching effective self-assessment skills, children will become more confident in taking ownership and evaluating their own learning, which is the key to formative assessment (Hattie, 2008).  


The aim of the enquiry was to introduce and evaluate the use of the two stars and a wish as a self-assessment strategy. This would be introduced via the digital classroom, with the aim that providing children with this opportunity, would allow them to review and evaluate their own learning, build their confidence in self-assessment, and to highlight strengths and areas for development in their own learning. 

Also, to evaluate if over a short period of time, children’s self-assessment skills improved and if they were able to apply their feedback in future work. 

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