Georgia Boyes

Primary Teacher

Alexander Peden Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

What happens when goal setting is introduced to the virtual classroom?


Remote learning has proved very challenging for teachers and even more so for their pupils, as the learning has had to continue out with the classroom environment. I wanted to use my practitioner enquiry to help motivate the children in my class and still give them achievements to celebrate. Doing this through goal setting seemed appropriate as Rogers (2009) states that the children having goals to work towards allows them to become aware of monitoring and controlling their behaviours. This seemed suitable for remote learning as the pupils could set goals independently when working online. Similarly, findings have shown that setting goals can help to improve; attainment, motivation and independence (Sides & Cuevas, 2020). The Scottish Government also aims for education to provide children and young people with experiences of challenge and success through the curriculum (Scottish Government, 2008), linking to goal setting as it is something for them to work towards achieving. Additionally, the Scottish Government states that allowing children to; talk about what they plan to achieve, take responsibility for their learning and set their own next steps through setting goals, provides them with experiences that will later benefit their planning and career choices (Scottish Government, 2009).


The aim of this enquiry was to determine what would happen when goal setting was introduced to remote learning through the virtual classroom with a Primary 7/6 class. The aim was to encourage engagement and motivation through setting goals and celebrating them when they were achieved. The children were also encouraged to take responsibility for evaluating their own progress.

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