Gordon McManus

Primary Teacher

Carbrain Primary

  • Contextualised Learning

How will learner engagement be affected if I link learning to real life?


It takes persistence to learn a new skill. The mere fact that the skill is new means that it is unfamiliar and unpractised and by that reasoning it could be assumed to be difficult. In a behaviourist model of education one of the key challenges facing educators can be a child’s reluctance to attempt to learn a new skill. The child is looking for a reward in exchange for the effort they expend in learning the new skill (Cunningham et al). If the child does not deem the reward to be worth the effort, then the educator will face a challenge maintaining the child’s engagement. This study seeks to determine whether applying a “real-life” context to learning will have any effect on the learner’s engagement.


This study aims to identify the link if, if any, between learner’s engagement with a curricular area and their perception of that subject’s relevance to their non-academic life.

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