Gregor Murray

Primary Teacher

Glengowan Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Traffic Lights to Help Children Identify Success


Research has shown that formative feedback is vital to allow children to understand their own success. Self-assessment allows the children to measure their own success and can help to enhance the pupils learning. It has been confirmed that children who take part in self-assessment strategies had a positive impact on pupil learning (Sadler and Good, 2016). Children who have self-assessment strategies embedded into their learning will be able to continue to assess through lifelong learning (Ecclestone, 2010). One self-assessment technique which is used throughout schools is ‘traffic lighting’.

I have selected Traffic Lighting as the focus for this enquiry. It is a simple effective tool which the children use every day across all ages. It can be used for self-assessment as well as peer-assessment for formative assessment to provide feedback to the pupils. In my school, every child must traffic light each piece of work, assessing their understanding of the subject or how difficult they found the subject. I will be looking at how the children’s understanding is assessed through traffic lighting and how they are able to recognise when they have been successful.


The aim of this enquiry was to observe how the children can measure their own success, how these skills can be transferred into other curricular areas and the impact this has on their learning.

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