Hailey Arbuckle


Caldervale High School

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What is the impact of the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy when questioning pupils?


It is widely agreed that the use of effective questioning is essential to effective teaching practice. It may be surprising therefore that ‘although most teachers ask questions, the questioning is often handled poorly’ (Sachdeva, 1996: 17). Research has identified the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy (see appendix 1 (Coffey (2002)) as a way of improving questioning in an educational setting as it is ‘provides a framework that is useful for higher-order questioning, focusing on the advanced levels of cognitions’ (Sachdeva, 1996: 18). With this in mind, this enquiry sought to evaluate the impact of using Bloom’s Taxonomy as a framework for questioning learners in an S1 class of mixed ability.


The aims of this practitioner enquiry were as follows:

  • to focus on the impact of the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy for questioning on pupils with additional support needs
  • to evaluate the impact of Bloom’s Taxonomy vocabulary, when questioning, on pupils’ progress in classwork
  • to identify any changes in the quality of pupils’ verbal responses.


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