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Our Lady's High, Motherwell

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using the Kahoot! Platform to encourage pupil engagement during the period of online learning


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on school aged learners has been well documented. The Scottish Government raised their concerns over pupil attainment, as well as social and emotional development, (Scottish Government, 2021a). During the first period of remote learning, it was recognised that the lack of structure and routine provided by the normal school day made it difficult for some secondary-aged young people to engage in schoolwork and highlighted the important of parental support in promoting engagement, (Scottish Government, 2021a). The Scottish Government’s COVID-19 Educational Recovery Group (CERG) acknowledge such challenges but also make clear that remote learning, when carried out effectively, can promote learner autonomy, flexibility and provide opportunities for improved learner and parental engagement, (Education Scotland, 2021).

Digital learning inclusivity and engagement remains at the forefront of education improvement plans at national, local authority and school level. More closely, Our Lady’s High Schools January 2021 Remote Learning Parental Survey highlighted pupil motivation, focus and engagement as a challenge for parents/carers and encouraged the use of ‘interactive digital tools’. Further Parent Council meetings also echoed these concerns. Van Der Velden (2013) highlighted that engagement closely relates to the psychology of individuals learning, specifically student’s motivation, (Ashwin and McVitty, 2015). Hence, implying that if individuals feel motivated and enjoy the task set, they are more likely to engage in their learning.


In line with North Lanarkshire Council’s Digital Learning and Teaching Guidance (Version 3) and Our Lady’s High School’s School Improvement Plan, the aims of this investigation were:

  • To determine if the ‘Kahoot’ platform promotes pupil engagement during remote learning.
  • To determine if Kahoot promotes pupil enjoyment of remote learning.
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