Hannah Leggat

Primary Teacher

St. Patrick's Primary Shotts

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When ‘Show-Me’ Boards are Used in the Classroom?


Building The Curriculum 5: A Framework For Assessment (Education Scotland, 2011) sets out the guidelines for how assessment should be used within classrooms in Scotland, and underpins the values the government promote around the use of assessment. Within the framework, assessment is described as a tool which teachers can use to facilitate high quality learning experiences. Moreover, the framework explains that assessment will be based on children’s progress in accordance with the experiences and outcomes which underpin the curriculum. Children’s progress, as defined within the framework, can be described as the rate in which progress is made alongside the quality and quantity of the learning. The framework goes on to explain that a focus on the progress by young learners can help teachers to plan for learning experiences which are purposeful and can prepare children for the next stage of learning. It is clear throughout the framework that the government value assessment as a tool which can be used to better the learning experiences for young learners by promoting learning which is progressive and purposeful. One method of formative assessment which is used by teachers to assess and prepare children for their next steps in learning are ‘show-me’ boards. The implementation of, and impact that ‘show-me’ boards can have will be the focus of this enquiry.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate what impact ‘show-me’ boards had on the engagement and learning experiences of pupils.

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