Hannah Pearson

Primary Teacher

Victoria Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

Exploring the Effects of Using a Desk-Based Traffic Light System in the Classroom


Assessment is an integral part of teaching and allows teachers to tailor their teaching to meet the needs of their learners Bartlett (2015). A form of assessment for learning that can be used in the classroom is self-assessment. Self-assessment encourages students to be leaders of their own learning and formative assessment in the form of self-assessment can help teachers to identify and focus on each child’s individual needs. This allows them to provide appropriate support and challenge for these needs Wiliam (2016). I believe that it is important to encourage children to take ownership for their work and was interested in exploring the link between self-assessment in the classroom and children identifying areas in which they required extra support in their learning. I was keen to find a way to encourage children to reflect on their learning and become more confident in seeking support, where required, so decided to focus my enquiry of self-assessment on desk-based traffic light systems.


The aim of this enquiry was to introduce a structured, desk-based self-assessment strategy and measure the increase in confidence and self-awareness of the children in my class. One of the aims of assessment for learning is to allow learners to identify where they need support and ensure that they know how to access this support Jones (2005).

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