Hannah Steven

Primary Teacher

St. Dominic's Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

The Impact of Live Meetings on Pupil Engagement on Teams


Within the ever-evolving modern world, technology has become increasingly used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning within the education sector. Clear goals have been set which aim to equip teachers with the knowledge and abilities to support pupils in the acquisition of crucial digital skills, for them to succeed in future life and work (Education Scotland, 2021). Furthermore, the efficient implementation and embedding of digital technologies within Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) also seeks to raise attainment levels and make vital steps towards closing the deep-rooted attainment gap (Scottish Government, 2016). Due to remote learning taking place instead of in-class learning for the current academic term due to Covid-19, technology has become an invaluable tool to communicate with pupils, as well as to continue to deliver the curriculum. As the continuation of pupils academic progress has become an unparalleled focus of all practitioners, the challenge of engaging pupils in their learning from home has simultaneously risen. As research indicates that increased engagement will lead to better educational outcomes for pupils, it is essential for educators to explore the ways in which this can be done so effectively (Davis et al, 2012). As a group, we found investigating the impact of live calls with pupils to be a timely and relevant investigation, to see if this impacted pupils’ engagement with their daily tasks.  


This practitioner enquiry aims to investigate the ‘impact of live meetings on pupil engagement within Microsoft Teams’.  

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