Harith Malik

Primary Teacher

Mossend Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Exit Passes in the Classroom


Formative assessment is defined as the use of strategies and approaches promoted by educational professionals to acquire feedback from children which will then allow them to modify and develop the learning in order to promote engagement during classroom lessons (Black and William 1998). After a lengthy discussion, all group members collectively agreed that self-assessment is an area that could be improved on for the children within our classrooms. This was due to Scottish Policy highlighting formative and self-assessment as key features that should be promoted in order to enhance children’s learning (Building the Curriculum 3, 2008). All practitioners (primary and secondary) within the group felt strongly that exit passes would be an effective use of self-assessment and were passionate about implementing this strategy. Marzano (2012) states there are four different features of exit passes, these are formative assessment, self-assessment, teacher evaluation and instructional strategy evaluation. Within my own classroom I focussed on self-assessment. This was due to my goal of raising attainment and achievement for all children which is underlined as a demand that must be met for all teachers (Campbell et al, 2004).


This enquiries aim is to evaluate the use of exit passes as a form of self-assessment within a classroom setting.

This enquiry will also show how accurately the children could self-asses and whether this led to them having an increase in engagement with numeracy learning experiences.

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