Hazel Brown

Primary Teacher

Morningside Primary

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What happens when I introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy to set appropriate challenge?


 Education Scotland (2015) maintain that critical thinking skills are vital to life in the 21st century. Literacy across learning is therefore the responsibility of all teachers where emphasis is placed on the development of critical and creative thinking as well as competence in listening and talking, reading and writing (Scottish Government, 2010). As educators it is therefore our duty to foster a learning environment where children can develop these essential skills. Conducting effective dialogue is a crucial part of the teacher’s repertoire. The challenge lies in promoting effective dialogue that enables children to develop, think and learn.

The promotion of higher order thinking skills is a key priority within our School Improvement Plan (SIP). Bloom’s Taxonomy provides a framework to help achieve this by informing a teacher’s professional knowledge for effective questioning. I have therefore chosen to research the impact of using this model within a planned, structured and targeted learning environment.


 The aim of this enquiry was to explore the extent to which children’s critical thinking skills are developed through the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy to provide appropriate challenge.

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