Heather Johnstone

Primary Teacher

Cambusnethan Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Checklists, Two Stars and a Wish, Think for Pink and Green for Growth in the Classroom


Building the Curriculum 5 highlights that assessment is an integral component of teaching and learning which supports a pupil in moving from where they are in their learning towards a desired goal (Scottish Government, 2011). Formative assessment is a pedagogy which allows for teachers to be continually assessing children’s learning so that they can be adaptive and responsive in their practice. This use of evidence allows teachers to meet the pupils learning needs. There are a variety of strategies which can be used in the classroom, one of those being formative peer assessment. In such a practice where children support each other in being successful by monitoring their work, it not only has positive outcomes for those who are receiving the feedback but also for those who are giving it. This is because as the child begins to think about the piece of work and what needs to be done to improve it, they have to consider the success criteria and do so in the context of another person’s work. It is likely that the child will find this an easier process as it is less emotionally charged than assessing your own (William, 2018).


  • To explore children’s ability to provide meaningful feedback.
  • To identify whether children use the feedback provided to improve their work.
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