Heather Marie Donaldson


Clyde Valley High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

In what way does changing the focus on an exit pass affect pupil engagement in Digital Learning?


The introduction of long-term Digital Learning brought about a new challenge for pupils, parents and teachers alike. The demand to become “tech literate” overnight, limited devices and sub-standard Wi-Fi all contributed to the teething problems we experienced with online learning in the initial couple of weeks, however, the large issue the teachers and schools were facing was their pupil engagement, or lack thereof.

New to digital learning ourselves, and desperate to engage our learners, my Practitioner Enquiry group came together to discuss how we could work to improve the Digital Learning experience for both our pupils and ourselves. We settled on the idea that pupil voice was vital in producing units that would excite and engage our learners, in the same way we would be able to in the classroom, as well as the need to boost interaction between teacher and pupil.

Exis passes seemed like the best way to do this.

Knowledge-based exit passes would allow us to formatively assess our pupils progress, while ensuring that our digital lessons were just as effective as they would be in class. They could also help to fill the gap left by the lack of conversation and class discussion by allowing every pupil to provide an answer, thus providing a reliable idea of the quality and effectiveness of our online teaching.

Opinion-bases exit passes allowed pupils to have a say in their own learning. This is vital to building trusting relationships between teacher and pupil and also allows pupils to critique and evaluate the lessons provided. Allowing learners the opportunity to take some control over their lessons provides a sense of responsibility. In having our pupils evaluate our lessons, we were able to discern how accessible the digital learning we were providing was to every child and, in turn, adapt and further differentiate our lessons to suit the needs and preferences of every individual in the class.


The aim of this enquiry was to boost pupil engagement in Digital Learning through the use of various types of exit passes – knowledge-based and opinion-based.

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