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What Use Do Show-Me Boards Have in the Classroom?


Assessment is for Learning (AifL) has been a focus in Scottish education for many years and has evolved as it has come to be recognised as a major tool in raising learner attainment (William, 2016). The success of formative assessment strategies can be seen through the engagement of learners in their thinking, learning and in their assessment of that learning. Hattie argues that AifL makes knowledge “more visible” and helps learners achieve their goals and he advocates that for learning to be effective, the process of learning and assessment must be a shared one with both teacher and learners assuming responsibility for learning and with both playing an active role (Hattie, 2012). This is confirmed by CfE which states that: “Success in achieving the purposes and principles of the curriculum is likely if pupils are helped to become actively involved in their own learning” (The Scottish Government, 2011). The use of Show-Me Boards (SMBs) in the classroom is one such way of encouraging whole class participation and of introducing active learning and pupil involvement in a fun and enjoyable manner whilst at the same time providing a quick and easy check on learner progress. It is a strategy that I have been keen to try, and, as such, this enquiry has provided an opportunity to implement it and to consider its effect on learning and teaching in the classroom.


This aim of this enquiry was to investigate the use Show-Me Boards have in the classroom.

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