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What happens when I introduce the traffic light system of self-assessment to my pupils?


Assessment is for Learning (AifL) has become a lot more prominent within the curriculum since Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) began (Bryce, 2013). It focusses on raising achievement overall (Hutchinson and Hayward, 2005). Formative and Summative assessment are both used within classrooms. However, formative assessment is comprised of feedback, questioning and peer and self-assessment as well as providing feedback on summative tests (Taras, 2010). Formative assessment is more than just feedback on summative assessment tools. It is more of a methodology supporting deep thinking about what information a pupil knows and how they can be confident that they know it (metacognitive skills). Formative assessments are used in Scottish schools, throughout term time. It helps pupils and teachers to gauge a pupil’s knowledge and understanding of subject matter and more importantly the pupil’s progression. Teachers can use formative assessment to assess the impact of their teaching. It supports the teacher in identifying what the pupil’s know and don’t know, therefore pointing them in the right direction for their next steps to ensure pupils gain the correct knowledge and skills and help setting achievable realistic targets for pupils. Self-assessment allows pupils to reflect on their own work, and their own progression each week. It can also give themselves ownership of their learning. There are many different ways to Self-assess; checklists and Traffic light techniques are just two to mention (Salles, 2016). Traffic lights can be used in many different ways. Although self-assessments are used regularly within classrooms it was decided that throughout this enquiry Traffic light Self-assessment methods will be officially used to establish if pupils progress within one class. If this is achieved it could help impact all classes, and benefit the pupils.


This enquiry is to identify the impact of self-assessment in the classroom using the traffic light strategy.

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