Jack Henderson

Primary Teacher

Condorrat Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Does teacher contact in an online environment increase pupil engagement?


Firstly, the practitioner enquiry is a key part of meeting the GTCS Standards for Full Registration, and therefore, an integral part of the teaching profession (GTCS, 2012). GTCS explains a “practitioner enquiry should lead to deep transformative learning” for those within the teaching profession (GTCS, 2021).
Investigating pupil engagement in an online setting was chosen as a focus for the practitioner enquiry due to the recent changes in practice and moving to an online learning environment.

This practitioner enquiry has been a collaborative process involving five primary teachers. It was decided upon an investigation to help improve engagement in an online environment due to recent changes with Covid restrictions. Additionally, it was no longer possible to investigate any physical classroom practices due to the majority of learners engaging online at home. Bradford, Mowder & Bohte (2016) found use of new approaches can have a positive impact on engagement and so it is hoped due to the new approach to online learning, this enquiry can help to discover new and engaging approaches.


The aim of this enquiry is to identify if there is a link to pupil engagement in an online setting with the increase of teacher contact during live meetings/lessons.

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