Jack Hickson

Physical Education

Caldervale High

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when reflective learning logs are introduced into the classroom?


Reflection can help increase the critical thinking of students, encouraging meta-cognition, aiding pupils in their preparation for assignments and examinations (Homik, M. & Melis, E., 2007; Johnson., n.d; RMIT, 2006). Reflective learning logs can therefore be used to demonstrate a students’ cerebration on their educational experience, recorded over a period of time. As a practitioner it is our responsibility to provide all pupils an educational experience that promotes curriculum aims, whilst developing skills providing all pupils the avenue to become self-regulated, autonomous learners. Reflective learning logs can be seen within current education across all levels, as such this enquiry will formally evaluate the effects to the classroom when reflective learning logs are introduced.


This enquiry will focus on a set of third year pupils within a certificated (National) PE class, with the aim to evaluate what happens when learning logs are introduced to the classroom.

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