Jacqueline Gallacher

Primary Teacher

Kilsyth Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What is the Effect of Introducing Checklists for Self-Assessment?


Building the Curriculum 5: Framework for assessment (2011) identifies key ideas and priorities including the promotion of active learner engagement. Learner engagement in assessment of their own learning is crucial in the development of more independent pupils and promotes increasing ownership of their work and learning.

Hattie (2016) explains that teaching pupils how to evaluate their own learning is key within formative assessment. Self-assessment is about reviewing and improving and enabling students to independently assess their own progress with confidence rather than always relying on teacher judgement. Self- assessment supports pupils to become actively involved in their personal learning process while increasing their independence and motivation.

Hutchison and Hayward (2005) advocate that children become more actively responsible for their learning when actively engaged in self-assessment. For this to be effective, pupils are required to have the opportunity to assess their work against mutually agreed criteria and have the time to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses and revise their work accordingly. This is supported by (Black 2001) who asserts that formative assessment techniques such as self- assessment checklists as successful in encouraging pupils to take control of their own learning. Further research shows that when students understand and apply self-assessment skills, their achievement increases. Black & Wiliam (1998b).

A number of pupils within the class had a tendency to rush through tasks with little consideration for checking spelling, punctuation and/or grammar as they progressed. It is hoped that the implementation of self-assessment checklists will support and provide a positive increase in pupil’s active engagement within their personal learning process and motivation to seek improvement and positive progress.


The aim of this study was to discover how effective self-assessment checklists were within literacy lessons and the impact they had, if any on the pupils’ learning.

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