Janie Dunbar

Primary Teacher

St. Kevin's Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

How does the use of Assessment is For learning help to encourage online participation?


Feedback is used to inform teaching and learning in which pupils are engaged in (Black and William 1998). Teachers should continuously use pupil feedback to support their planning to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their learners. William (2011) describes Assessment is For Learning as feedback that moves the learner forward. With that in mind during this recent pandemic, causing our schools to move to online learning, it is paramount that pupils are given teacher feedback that elevates their learning, and also encourages children to develop their own feedback. An assessment rich classroom can take many forms and should include a wealth of formative assessment for children to be able to assess their own learning (Damien College).

This study will look at how this can be applied in the flipped classroom. By using a range of formative assessment strategies it will be studied as to how the use of formative assessment can be used to encourage pupil engagement within online learning


The aims and focus of this enquiry is to determine the level of engagement of primary 5 pupils through online learning. The enquiry will look at the use of live sessions and written and verbal feedback. It will then assess how this will impact pupil engagement and if this will lead to:

Increased engagement of online learning.

An understanding of how feedback can encourage engagement.

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