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What Impact Do Show-Me Boards Have On Learning In My Classroom?


The use of formative assessment within the classroom as a means to support and develop the learning of pupils is well-founded in academic research. As a result, formative assessment has become firmly embedded into both the Curriculum (Scottish Government, 2011) and into school approaches to teaching and learning. Questioning is one of the most widely utilised modes of formative assessment by teachers within a classroom setting. Effective questioning and well-planned for dialogue not only supports pupil learning (Black, Harrison, Lee, Marshall and Wiliam, 2004), but can also impact motivation and participation (Mclean, 2010).

The benefit of using “show-me” boards to implement formative assessment and scaffold questioning is that learning can be made “visible” by allowing teachers to see what each pupil is thinking at any one time (Hattie, 2012). It also increases the wait time given to pupils when answering, which can reduce pressure felt by pupils and increase the quality of their answers (Bartlett, 2015). Therefore this type of formative assessment puts an emphasis on incremental intelligence over a fixed mind-set (Dweck, 1999) which supports pupils to become confident, engaged and effective learners.


This enquiry aims to investigate whether using “show-me” boards has an impact on learning in my classroom.

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